Hollow Knight 10/22/2022 – Full Game

Hollow Knight is a 2D action-adventure game with a traditional art style set on a vast, interconnected globe.

Hollow Knight 10/22/2022 - Full Game


Discover twisting dungeons, old cities and dangerous wastelands; fight corrupted animals and befriend strange bugs; and uncover ancient secrets at the heart of the kingdom.

The world of Hollow Knight comes to life in rich and dark detail, with its caverns crawling with strange and dangerous animals, each hand-animated in a traditional 2D approach. Each new region you explore will surprise you with its strangeness and beauty, and it will be filled with new personalities and creatures. Enjoy the scenery and get off the main route to discover the new beauties that are hidden there. Hollow Knight is waiting for you if you like traditional gameplay, adorable yet creepy characters, huge adventures and gorgeous gothic environments.


  • Actions similar to the side-scrolling games of yesteryear, but with all the bells and whistles of today.
  • Controls in 2D that are well configured. You can defeat even the most dangerous opponents by dodging, dashing and slashing them.
  • Discover a vast and interconnected world full of abandoned highways, overgrown wilderness and abandoned cities.
  • Create your own path, and good luck! The realm of Hallownest is vast and unlimited in its reach. You are responsible for determining which paths you follow, which opponents you face, and how you move forward.

Fashion Information

  • Mod menu
  • Immortality
  • High Damage

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